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Renovation Pricing System

CAGGA aims to protect the consumers with the modification calculation form developed by CAGGA, which was prepared by CAGGA, which has not been used by any company at present, in order to show the consumers about how to enter the renovation work in the area of ​​home, villa, bathroom and kitchen. As in its furniture, there are CAGGA standards in renovation works. The work done is done until it reaches this standard, if necessary, it is re-done and the CAGGA customer is not financially affected by the extra transactions.

The infrastructure and superstructure required for all kitchen cabinet models on our website have been modified by our company. In Ankara, we simultaneously manufacture kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinets with CAGGA standards in our own furniture workshop. In addition, we do not complete kitchen modifications in Ankara for the kitchen cabinet of another brand.
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“Bathroom Renovation” is one of the most important and difficult renovations in home renovation. The reason why the bathroom renovation is a difficult renovation is that the necessary infrastructure should be done simultaneously. According to the bathroom cabinet design, electrical and water installations must be installed in the required places. The infrastructure of all our bathroom cabinet productions and bathroom cabinet models we have made are made by our company. In addition to “bathroom renovation in Ankara”, we also manufacture bathroom cabinets simultaneously.

Our office layout project, the technical specifications determined by the building management and the teams that can work 24/7 in accordance with working hours, Ventilation system, Raised floor application, Partition wall applications, Suspended ceiling and lighting applications, Floor covering applications, Electricity and indoor We provide services such as making circuit camera systems, Office Furniture and all kinds of wood applications.

You can contact us for general information about our products and services that we have specially designed for Hotel and Residence renovations and furniture, and you can request a quote on your project.

Our History

Founded on March 5, 2010
There was a long way ahead of us
There was no such thing as impossible for CAGGA
We worked hard as always
Our first store opened in 2016
Our second store opened in 2018


Keep your expectation high! You are in CAGGA, a home, villa, kitchen, bathroom renovation company and furniture brand recommended in Ankara.

House and Villa Renovation

Ankara Most of the products you see on our website belong to the works we have done in Ankara to complete the renovation of the house and villa. All studies are carried out by our company until taking measurements. Designing and preparing application projects. Only customers who prefer our furniture products can benefit from our renovation service. We do not have any modification services for products other than the CAGGA furniture brand.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

Ankara Our business life, which started in 2010 in Ankara with kitchen and bathroom renovation, has grown with works such as home and villa and office hotel renovations. We have succeeded to be the recommended company in Ankara, which we have been doing very seriously on kitchen and bathroom decoration over the years. The most important renovations in home renovation are in the kitchen and bathroom. Includes ceramic trims, water and electrical installation replacement, combi and natural gas installation refurbishment items such as plaster, paint, ceramic works. For this reason, it is among the most difficult renovations. Only customers who prefer our kitchen bathroom cabinet products can benefit from our renovation service. We do not have any modification services for products other than CAGGA kitchen bathroom brand.

Hotel and Office Renovation

Ankara On our related pages, you can find information about office and hotel renovation in Ankara, and you can see the office and hotel furniture cabinet applications. We share the latest trends from time to time on our blog with office hotel decoration. CAGGA renovation team can work 24/7 for hotel and office decoration. We have a renovation company structure that can provide 24/7 service and employ workers in accordance with specifications.

Home Kitchen Bathroom Renovation Prices Ankara

CAGGA Ankara venue renovation prices depend on the quality of the decoration to be made for Home and Villa Kitchen, Bathroom, Office, Hotel. As the CAGGA renovation company, you can see the actual prices for the renovations you think with your budget. You can direct the budget needed for the renovation.

Raw Material and Lifetime Warranty without Carcinogenic Substances

We use anti-carcinogenic raw materials in E1 norm in our furniture and all our renovation works including home and villa renovation in Ankara. We paint our products with SAYERLACK, the best furniture paint in the world. The mechanisms we use in our furniture are BLUM branded and have a lifetime warranty.

Kitchen Bathroom Cabinet, Wardrobe Rail Cabinet, Door Brand Ankara

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